and Environment

Environmental responsibility is increasingly a factor of appreciation by modern society.
The fact that wood is a renewable raw material is just the beginning of this long journey.

How do we minimize our environmental impact?

We are moving towards to ensure that all our products come from sustainable forests.

We are a certified company FSC® e PEFC (Chain of Custody), in order to assure to our customers and to the society at large, that the raw material of our certified products comes from sustainable forest management.

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Our commitment

FSC® and PEFC certifications guarantee the direct and indirect non-involvement of Multiplacas® in:

  • Illegal exploitation and/or trade of wood or other forest products.
  • Violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations.
  • Destruction of good conservation values in forest operations.
  • Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest operations.
  • Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use.
  • Violation of any of the assumptions of the 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • The company and its members further declare that they: “a) Do not use child labour; b) Do not employ workers under the age of 15, or below the minimum age as stated in national or local laws or regulations; c) Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labour; d) Ensure that there is no discrimination in work and occupation; e) Respect freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining.”

and Quality Policy

  • Origin control of marketed products
  • Use of energetic and environmental resources. We are modernizing our warehouses, by investing in electric machinery, as well as in a path towards the abolition of paper in our offices and by rather using digital formats.
  • Commit to a Quality policy that ensures the best management practices, through the implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, in the future.

How to measure our environmental performance?

  • Total certified purchased wood (%)
  • Electrical consumption reduction (%)
  • Fossil fuels consumption reduction (%)
  • Paper consumption reduction (%)