3 Layer Soft Wood Panel

3 Layer Soft Wood Panel made of  Spruce with high flexural strength. The Three-Layer Soft Wood Panel decorative is self-supporting and is recommended for wood constructions, furniture, decoration and cladding



  • High mechanical resistance
  • Strong and light
  • Smooth and homogeneous surface
  • Ease ofhandling
  • Various applications and purposes
  • Durability



Carpentry and Interior Design

Contrução e Estruturas em Madeira

Construction and Wood Structures

Standard Dimensions

  • 5000 x 2050 mm
  • Other upon request

Standard Thicknesses

  • 15 / 19 / 27 / 32 / 35 mm
  • Other upon request


  • Spruce

Quality of faces

  • B / C+

Other faces

  • Other upon request

Faces Quality

  • B – Joint-tight surface, strong and pronounced wood pattern, largish knots and resin pockets permissible, increased repairs with natural knot plugs and resin pocket patches possible, compression wood, slight discolorations.
    Complies with standard EN13017-1
  • C+ – No particular quality standards, discolorations, pith, compression wood, knots, resin pockets and cracks to a large extent possible, generally without special requirements in respect of the surface and shape stability, without repairs.
    Complies with standard EN13017-1


Changes in humidity may cause changes in the panels. In order to avoid such changes, it is necessary to leave expansion gaps between panels during installation.
Wood is a natural material, meaning that a simple sample or photo does not represent the panels generality.
Any claim is limited to the value corresponding to the defective panels only.
The factory reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.  



Standard Dimensions

  • 1000 mm +/- 1 mm
  • 1000 - 2000 +/- 2 mm
  • 2000 - 6000 +/- 3 mm
  • 6000 mm +/- 5 mm